How to start drawing?

It is important to trust in your creativity and know that when you begin creating, it will take a lot of time to draw faster and capture different elements. So be patient!

You don’t need a lot of thing to draw, a pencil and a sketchbook is enough. You can also work with watercolor if you want to put some colors.

There is no expectations about sketching. You just have to draw quickly what grabs your attention and choose the subject that matters to you.

Here is one of my drawings I made them during my studies. I like drawing buildings and elements of architecture because in everyday life we don’t spend much time looking at the heights of the buildings. First of all, I start with a quick sketch and the global form of the architecture and then I draw some details.

It can be difficult to draw in a white page, so you can create a colored background and draw elements you see. You can represent objects, architecture as well as persons, animals or plants.

It’s also better to have one little sketchbook in order to take it in concerts, theater or in the subway – it will be easier to take it in a handbag! Here are some examples of drawings I made in different circumstances.

You can also draw on kraft paper or newspaper. For example, Loui Jover draws on the pages of old books. He often represents characters or objects from everyday life. Here is my interpretation with old sheet music. I used Loui Jover’s visual ideas. You can discover much more works of this artist here @louijover.

To sum up: choose a place where you can draw. Prepare your colored backgrounds or just a piece of paper where you want to draw. Remember that it is possible to mix techniques and choose different formats. If you are not finished, take photos to color them at home. Don’t forget to explore different places!

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